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The Chainsmokers &Halsey—《Closer》这个强推,BBC最强热单 Alan Walker & Iselin Solheim—《Faded》超好听,一生推 Charli XCX / Lil Yachty—《After the Afterparty》 Birdy—《Keeping Your Head Up》 Selena Gomez《Kill 'Em With Kindness...

Love to be Loved by you Take My Breath Away The End Of The World When A Woman Loves A Man Faded Seve Jar Of Love See You Again LOSER IF YOU A Place Nearby Mad World Never Grow Old




鹿晗的 that good good、勋章、致爱your song,陈奕迅的sleep alone,还有一个最最超级好听的是薛之谦的《演员》,灰常有味道

i took a pill in ibiza-SeeB&Mike Posner

"一路逆风 - G.E.M. 邓紫棋 词:G.E.M. 邓紫棋 曲:G.E.M. 邓紫棋 城市早已沉睡 在甜美的虚伪 真实就像 刺眼的阳光 习惯伸手就挡 我像火烧在大雨下 剩最后微弱的火花 看不见国王的新衣裳 是否太倔强 生活就像一场 繁华里的流浪 多少欲望 像汹涌...

微胖女生,歌曲轻快,可能是adele的send my love(to your new lover)。如果不是的话也推荐你去听一下,敲好听,阿呆为数不多的快歌呢😊

not be in haste to deny. It seems silly to


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