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100分!英译汉翻译 涉及法律问题 在线等!

The depositons of witnesses shu xiang liang,li zhen zhang,ping-kai kwok,and hong bin yu were similarly edited.(原告)证人舒香莲,李振章,平开什么(什么名字?)和宏斌与的证词基本相似.Finally,the defense stipulated to redactions in the

The civil trial way reform, is take strengthens the litigant topresent evidence the responsibility as to cut into and the breach.Along with this kind of reform continu

Is impossible to return like me and you who you said once, insists that for a long time, you do not matter, is you are fickle, you are camouflaging, has loved you, I think really very much something have not happened, now all are very perhaps good,

ut I am not good at oral english.I usually cannot speak standard english well. I hope that my teacher can help me with my english in the high school, which makes my classmates laugh. I often make stupid mistakes during my tests and lose so many makes that I cannot get high marks and have no improvement

because the old are not being taken good care of, our company producted a lot of domestic robots.the robots have many functions as followed:making dinner at the set time for the old may forget to cook;chating ,playing chess and doing excerise

Everyone has their own dreams, I am the same. But my dream is not a lawyer, not a doctor, not actors, not even an industry. Perhaps my dream big people will find it ridiculous, but this has been my pursuit! My dream is to want to have a folk life! I

你好!我的译文如下,供你参考:as you have said that , you and i, we can never return to the past. our relation has been maintained so long time, for which you didn't care. i don't know if you are changeable or you are good at dissembling. the

希望对你有帮助!Automotive drive axle of the main reducer and differential assembly is a key automotive power train components. The main function of the input torque is increased to reduce speed and enter the driving force of change in the

Imagination (从未停止幻想)Never lose my passion (从未失去热情)It's on my way. It's on my way now (这是我的路,我的路)Whatever it takes (无论走向哪里)Not for the destination (并不为了什么终点)It's on my way .It's on my way (只是为了在我的路上)All my colorful days (这些五彩缤纷的日子)Never lose my passion (从未失去我的热情)For your colorful days重返五彩缤纷的日子




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