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怎样回答Do you still AlivE

Yes,I do. or Of course.

alive 是形容词,只能充当系动词 be 的表语,应该改为 Are you still alive? 意思是 “你还活着吗?”


原来英语表达有误,修改后再翻译—— Are you still alive? 你还活着吗? 或 你还健在吗?


i'm still alive. 我还活着;我依然存活 例句 1.why do you think i'm still alive, huh? 你觉得为什么我还能活着? 2.T feel FANTASTIC and I'm still alive. 我活著并感觉很奇妙! 3.It's not my fault that he's dead. It's not my fault tha...

Tonight we fight

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满意回答 ends of the earth天涯海角有一条河,它...On while we’re both still alive趁我们还活着别...If all you do is stand in one place?如果你给...


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