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怎样回答Do you still AlivE

原来英语表达有误,修改后再翻译—— Are you still alive? 你还活着吗? 或 你还健在吗?

错句。alive是表语用的形容词,只能和系动词be连用。 Are you still alive?

答案是be. 此句话是表示愿望的,wish引导的虚拟语气的用法:在wish, suggest, order, demand, propose, command, request, recommend, require, decide, insist, desire, urge等动词的宾语从句以及would rather /sooner 后要用 “ (should) +动词...

A miser will not spend his money when he is alive because they like their money as their life. If he is still alive then that means he is not going to spend any of his money. He probably would not spends his money after his dea...


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