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在河边 翻译英文

他的房子坐落在河边的英文 His house is on the bank of the river.

河边的 riverain;riverine 河边的 riparious 河边的孩子 Children Of The River 波河边的 cispadane

你好 “我想在河边坐一会儿” 翻译成英语是: I'd like to sit by the river for a while.

We should prevent these children from playing by the river.

我每天早上六点钟去河边散步。 ------ At 6:00 every morning, I go for a walk along the river. //// At 6:00 every morning, I take a walk along the river.

“他们打算这个周末在河边野餐”: They plan to have a picnic at the bank of the river this weekend.

Riverside ---- agnes obel Down by the river by the boats 划着船顺着河流而下 Where everybody goes to be alone 每个人都要孤单前往 Where you won't see any rising sun 那是一个看不见日出的地方 Down to the river we will run 顺着河流...

There is a five-seat boat by the rive。

“我经常一个人去小河边钓鱼” I often go to the small river to go fishing alone I often go fishing on the small brook all alone I often make the trip to small brook by myself


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