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楼主你好,暂时能想到的有下面这些常用词组,希望对你有所帮助!get one's breath back 喘过气来,恢复正常呼吸 hold one's breath 屏住呼吸 take breath 歇口气,歇会儿透口气 out of breath 呼吸急促,气喘吁吁;呼吸困难,如在用尽全力时

take place 发生,举行take off 起飞take away 带走take care 保重take your time 不急,慢慢来take back撤回,取消

Take有关的短语 有关turn的常用短语:turn down 关小,调低 turn in 交出,上交 turn off 关 turn on 开 turn out 结果是 turn over仔细考虑;翻转 turn to 转向,求助于 turn up 调大;出面,出席 关于take的常用短语:take after(外貌)相像 take apart

take after To follow as an example.To resemble in appearance, temperament, or character.take apart To divide into parts after disassembling.To dissect or analyze (a theory, for example), usually in an effort to discover hidden or innate flaws or

take的短语举例:take a back seat 处于次要地位take a bath 洗澡take a bow 鞠躬, 答谢take a chair 请坐take a chance 冒险take a deep breath 深呼吸take a false step 走错一步; 失策take a fancy to 爱上take a hint 领会暗示take a nap 小睡一下

away back [美国口语]老早以前,很久以前 away from 远离,离开;避开痛苦 away game 客场;客场比赛 away with 把(物)拿走;去掉;把(人)带走;走开,离开,滚开[一般用于无动词的祈使句] away off the point 离题,不切题;不中肯;不得要领;与讨论的问题无关 away with it: 停止

1.hold one's breath 屏息而待 All Europe held its breath to see who would win the election. 全欧洲屏息而待,看谁能赢得这场选举. How long can you hold your breath?

take(不用被动、进行时) take after → 面貌像自己父母 take against → 反对… take along → 随身携带 take away → 带回;使消失,消除(病痛等) take away from → 减少,减弱 take back → 使…回想起;收回(说错的话);同意退货 take by

1.has taken away拿走2. take out拿出去3. takes after长得像4. take off起飞

lose one's way 迷路lose heart 丧失信心 lose color 褪色 lose consciousness 失去知觉lose control 失去控制lose control of something 失去对某物的控制 lose contact with somebody 与某人失去联系lose face 丢脸lose faith in somebody 不再信任某人


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