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His brother is a college student; so is mine.他弟弟是大学生,我弟弟也是He used to have his further study abroad; so did I.他曾去国外深造过,我也去过One of my friends can speak three foreign languages; so can his wife.我的一个朋友会说三门外国语,他的妻子也会.They are now preparing for their final examinations; so are we . 他们正在为期末考试作准备,我们也一样.

Because cartoons are interesting,so I like cartoons very much.因为卡通片很有趣,所以我非常喜欢卡通片.求采纳,3Q~

I got up very early this morning,so I wasn't late for school.祝你进步!

就是"太……以至于……" E.g:The story is so interesting that all of us smile. It is so late that I have to run to the school.

I didn't eat breakfast this morning,so i feel hungry now.

Just so so.The quality is no good, so i won'.So it is;t buy itThis view is so wonderful

so easy 太简单了so cool 太帅了 just so so 一般般啦

I can not understand the so abstract concept. 我无法理解如此抽象的观念. -- 英汉 - 辞典例句 These questions are special cases of the so called forbidden subgraph problem. 这些问题都是所谓禁用子图问题的特殊情形. -- 英汉 - 辞典例句 This is

You got up so early today that you caught the early train. It is so interesting a book that I am fond of it. There is so much noise around that I can't concentrate on my lessons. He has so many friends that when he is in trouble they can help him in time.

用 so as造句 We left in the daytime so as not to arouse suspicion. 我们在白天离开以避免引起怀疑.


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