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In the library , it is very quite and everyone is reading or studying .在图书馆里,非常安静而且每个人都在学习或看书.

1The new issues are so arranged that the students can see the covers of the current magazines. 2Daily newspapers are also in this area. 3There are eight comfortable chair and two tables for the student reading newspapers and periodicals. 4The

My favorite library is the Capital Libary of Beijing which is near my home. It is a big library. It bas bright reading rooms, modern facilities, and efficient staff. These facilities provide us with a good condition to further their knowledge. The library has a


the *** library located in *** university. it is the biggest library of the city. there are about *** books in it. it's open to the public from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Library in the morning 8 o'clock opening, in the afternoon 5 o'clock closure.

<p>an introduction to the library 关于图书馆的英语作文 介绍图书馆</p> <p>the library is the most important part of our university. marking a proper use of it will certainly help you very much in your study. now, look at the diagram below. to the right of

可以从library的建筑结构(construction)、书籍储备(types of books),以及设施(device)这几个方面来说. 英语介绍: Now you see is our school library, the library was built in October 5, 1979, has a wealth of books, in 500000 books, of

About ZJU libraries Home >> Being one of the oldest university libraries in China, the history of Zhejiang University Library can be traced back to 1897 when Qiushi Academy Library was founded. In September 1998, a new Zhejiang University was

The Museum houses a vast collection of world art and artefacts and is free to all visitors.这个是伦敦大英博物馆的官网上的一句话


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