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Long ago, in a land far away, there lived a beautiful young girl. She was very sad. Her mother had died and her father had married again. His new wife had two ugly daughters, Esmerelda and Griselda. Soon after, her father also died and life

That bird has come, it has brought a set that wrap more attractive formal clothes which day before puts on compared to her.When she arrives the dance party hall , she causes all people beautifully surprised not already.Was always waiting for she

Cinderella Once upon a time, there was a kind and pretty girl named Cinderella. She had to live in the kitchen and do all the work in the house.One day, the Prince invited all the girls to b big party at the palace, but Cinderella was ordered to stay

① 从前,有一位长得很漂亮的女孩,她有一位恶毒的继母与两位心地不好的姐姐.她便经常受到继母与两位姐姐的欺负,被逼着去做粗重的工作,经常弄得全身满是灰尘,因此被戏称为“灰姑娘”.有一天,城里的王子举行舞会,邀请全城的女

Cinderella(英文简介)剧本百度文库里面有哦~ Cinderella was a lovely girl. Her old mother died. Her father married a wife, and the stepmother has brought two elder sisters. She does a lot of housework everyday. So the girl's clothes were very dirty.

Once upon a time, there is a rich and serious illness of his wife in death, her own daughter called him, said: "my girl, mother to a future in heaven to protect you, bless you." She finished died on the eyes closed. She was buried in the garden, the

单词的话多读多背,最重要的是坚持,每天早上读几段,背下单词,然后阅读看看.口语的话推荐一家在线学习英语口语的,一对一外 教.

Stepmother: Oh;t last forever.恐怕它不能永远延续下去..我约会要晚了! stepsister2;clock-five to twelve.;re always so sluggish, her stepmother became cruel to her?stepsister1..我怎么能找到你呢,等一会儿. Godmother,不, wait. Duke:

The Cinderella of the despised by stepmother and sister to attend the prince's birthday party dress up very beautiful, the prince is very like her, face before walk away a glass shoes, after the prince find the Cinderella happiness of life together.

Previously, in a certain town, a very lovely girl, she is not only beautiful but also intelligent kindhearted and spoke up for the girl.The girl without a mother, because her mother, when she was still small, on the death.The girl's father, his mother married a


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