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I have done to Beijing. 我已经去过北京了. I have done abroad.我已经去过国外了. She has done to Shanghai.她已经去过上海了. He has done to Shenzhen.他已经去过深圳了. Hangzhou is a beautiful city,I have done there three times. 杭州是一个美丽的城市,我已经去过那里三次了. 我是这样写的.

When Chrismas is coming, many families will prepare the chrismas tree and their children will put their stocks on the end of the bed to wait for the chrismas father to put gifts in them.

I am making a card for my friend. 我正在为我的朋友做卡片. My classmates will visit our teacher tomorrow. 我的同班同学明天要去拜访我们的老师. We are discussing the problems. 我们正在讨论问题. Let's report our grades. 让我们汇报一下我们的成绩. What is your sex? 你的性别是?

The truck used a cable to tow the car. 卡车用缆索拖曳汽车. They are trying to find a cleaner fuel for cars. 他们正试图找一种更干净的汽车燃料. The cabin was built of logs. 这小屋是用原木建造的. The man is of medium height. 这男人中等个儿. I felt I needed privacy. 我感到我需要清静.

l make a mistake in chinese . 我在语文中犯了个错误. l go shopping with my classmates today. 今天,我和我的同班同学去购物. l discuss with him about science report. 我和他讨论关于生物报告的问题.he reported the whole even to his mother yesterday. 他昨天,他向他的妈妈汇报了整个事的经过. what sex is the child?这个孩子的性别是什麽?

She had a major emotional upset. 她情绪上受到了沉重的打击. He's his own man, but he doesn't ignore advice. 他虽然自有主张,但并不轻视别人的意见. Her attempts to calm them down only made matters worse. 她设法使他们平静下来,

Where are you going to be tomorrow?Where will he go next week?How long are you going to stay with your grandma?How much will you miss me?What are you going to buy tomorrow?What time is your mother going to come back?Who is going to

He used microphone so that everyone could hear him.He used microphone in order to let everyone could hear him.he used microphine to let everyone hear him.答案不为一



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