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1.Helen went to Athens last week and she hasn't come back yet. Helen (has ) (been ) (in ) Athens. 2.We haven't seen each other for 10 years since we met last. It (was ) (ten ) (years ) since we met last. 3.My father was once a farmer. My father (used

he came to beijing for fhe first time in 2008 同义句转换转换 _it____ __was____ __his___ __first___ __time___ to come to beijing in 2008.


所谓同义句转换就是将一个句子用另一种形式表达出来,而且意思不变.因此,掌握的句型越多,做题就越方便、快捷、容易.但每种练习的方式总有一定的规律可循.1. 用具

1.Do remember to lock the door when you leave.______ _______you lock the door ________Tom________lunch at school every day? 第二关:同义句改写 6 English is

1.father preferred walking to riding a bike in the past.2.She seems to have changed a lot(3小格)3.she has decided not to do that again4.They were late for school because of the heavy rain.

一、同义句:1.He spent three days finishing the work.= He spent three days on the work.= He spent three days in finishing the work.= It took him three days to finish the work.

一、(1)how to do(2)what is ……like(3) rained heavily(4) in a hurry二、(1) loud (2) terrible (3) nervous (4) natural (5)slight (6) (to)make an excuse(7) in fear (8) come down(9)in a great hurry(10) fall down

They didn't know the name of the boy.He has a clear memory.He has been out of Beijing for two weeks.The book isn't worth buying.It is easy for him to speak English well.

1. we used not to like peking opera.= we (didn't use) to like peking opera.used to意思是“过去常常”,其否定形式有两种:didn't use to和used not to / usedn't to.2. the sick girl needs an operation.= the sick girl needs to be (operated on).need sth


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