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英语翻译,预定酒店是Booking hotEl 还是Book hotEl

应该用冠词。book a/the hotel I'd like to book a hotel when on business in Beijing. I didn't book the hotel yesterday.

it is so pretty; just the place to “moon” about in. Don’t you remember Mrs. D’Oyly taking us to see it, when we drove here in two carriages,

ฟอร์ทวิลล์เกสต์เฮ้าส์这个是酒店名字: พระนคร กรุ...


Dear Elodie Knochel , We have received your order at booking.com, but because we do not have the conditions for receiving foreign dignitaries, so we cannot provide accommodation for you, so we need to cancel your room you have ...

Shipping Order订舱委托,由货主发出 1.booking confirmation订舱确认,由货代发出

booking [book·ing || 'bʊkɪŋ] n. 预订; 预定票的出售; 预约, 约定


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