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if you can read me ,pls hold me stronger when i cry。

hold me tightly

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Who can hold me tight? 頁tight盾瞥泌和 tightly 諸; 諸諸仇; 昔昔仇 (not used beforea past participle: packed tight but tightly packed 狛肇蛍簡岻念音喘tight遇喘tightly: packed tight式tightly packed): Hold tight! 廛諸阻!

厘音訝屍佝鳳Ы厘 I don't want be with no one hugging me tightly.

embrace/hug you tightly

嶄猟艮Ы 厘 艶図 晩猟宰 を しっかり 宇きしめて、日かないで ください。 兆困錣燭靴鬚靴辰りだきしめてなかないでください。 廣咄watashiwosikkaridakishimetenakanaidekudasai

厘岑祇宇頼參朔匯協頁fuck me.


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