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play football play basketball play volleyball play tennis play table tennis piay soccer play the piano play the guitar

play a trick on [中考]捉弄 fair play [中考]公平竞赛,公平对待 play a part [中考]起作用 play with [中考]以 …… 为消遣,玩弄 play basketball [中考]打篮球 play football [中考]踢足球 play volleyball [中考]打排球 play games [中考]做游戏 play the piano (the

开头的短语有:1.玩耍;游戏;戏弄;玩弄(+with)2.演奏;弹奏;吹奏;放音(+on/for/to)3.参加竞赛;(+for/against)4.play games 做游戏 ; 玩游戏 ; 捣鬼 ; 耍手段 其他短语如下:1、fair play 公平竞赛 ; 费厄泼赖 ; 公平对待 ; 公平

play baseketball ,play the computer ,play sports ,play game ..

1、play the game 玩游戏2、fair play 公平竞争3、play football 踢足球4、play a role 发挥作用5、play the role 扮演角色 play ,读音:英 [ple] 美 [ple] v. 玩;比赛;(在运动队中)担当;派出场;带;踢;击(球);走(棋子);出牌;演

play for money 赌钱 play on the piano 弹钢琴 sunlight playing on the water 荡漾在水面上的阳光 play with sb.开某人的玩笑 A smile plays on her lips.她的嘴唇上泛出微笑.They are playing at chess.他们在下棋.This violin plays well.这把提琴拉起来

play footballplay the piano

play an important role 起到重要作用 play in 奏乐迎入 play with 与…一起玩 play the game 玩游戏;行动光明正大;遵守比赛规则 play someone as (在比赛中)用某人担任

play 英[ple] 美[ple] n. 游戏; 比赛; 戏剧; 赌博; vt. 玩; 演奏; 演出; 参加比赛; vt. 扮演; 担任,充当…的角色; 演出; 装扮; [例句]They played in the little garden他们在小花园里玩耍.[其他] 第三人称单数:plays 现在分词:playing 过去式:played过去分词:played

play computer games, play the violin, play football, go shopping, go fishing, go to schoolhave school, have lunch, have supperdo housework, do homework, do some exercise


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