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fold 的意思有以下几个,每个意思都造个句吧1.折叠;对折[(+up)] She folded up the letter and put it in her pocket. 她把信折起来放进口袋.2.交叠,交叉;合拢 Fold your arms and sit up straight! 两臂交叉,坐直!3.包;笼罩[O][(+up)] He

相关短语:fold an umbrella收伞 fold away折叠,折小 fold back向后折,倒折 fold in把…加进搅拌;把…折叠进 fold up1.倒闭 return to the fold重返故里,浪子回头,恢复原来的信仰 accordant fold协和褶皱 accordion fold折子式折页,棱角褶皱 accumulation zone of thrust fold逆掩断裂褶皱聚集带 acute fold尖角褶皱

folding 折叠式的,可折叠的如:a folding chair 折椅folded 折叠的,折起来的如:the folded paper 折起来的报纸另外,foldaway 也可以表示“折叠式的,可折叠的”.

fold 英[fld] 美[fold] vt. 折叠; 合拢; 抱住; 笼罩; vi. 折叠起来; 彻底失败; n. 折痕; 信徒; 羊栏; (起伏地的) 凹处,洼; [例句]He folded the paper carefully他把纸小心地折起来.[其他] 第三人称单数:folds 现在分词:folding 过去式:folded 过去分词:folded 双语例句 柯林斯词典 英英释义 百度知道

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1、put forward v. 提出;拿出;放出;推举出2、put in 提出,提交;放入;种植;使就职3、put on 穿上;上演;增加;假装;使…上场4、put into 使进入;把放进;在……上种植5、put up 提供;建造;举起;推举,提名6、put together ..放在

rabbit's foot(兔子的后腿,幸运的象征)

1. turn about 转身,向后转 The colonel ordered the troops to turn about. 上校命令部队向后转. 2. turn against 转而反对,与……反目 They tried to turn the students against their teachers. 他们设法让学生起来反对老师. 3. turn (a)round (1)转身,调

Er.. i have no idea what 英语句子 is .. but i try..M = Money is a paper and coinage that can be used to exchange for goods and services.X = "X-mas" are common shortening of the word CHRISTMAS.H = Home is usually a place where an individual or a family can rest in and be able to store personal property.

go one step too far 多走了一步(做得太过分了) go out on a limb 爬高枝(担风险) go overboard 过火 go to hell in a hand basket 坐着吊篮下地狱(一坏不可收拾) go to one's head 上头上脸,冲昏头脑 go against违背;与……不符;对……不


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