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进行时 it'srainingoutside.i'mdoingmyhomework,mydadisreadingthenewspaper.mymumiswatchingtv.grandpaiswateringtheflowers(浇花).grandmaiswashingtheclothes.sisiterislisteningtothemusic.brotherisplayingcomputergame.everyoneisbusy.

i have a warm family , mom,dad ,sister and i .last summer vacation , we went to beijing for a visit which left us an unforgettable memory . when we visit the great wall , a forgiener asked us for taking a photo ,and we had a good time .after the

I Will STUDY ENGLISH WELL English is important to us in the future, so I will study English very hard. I am going to read English in the morning, and listen to English in the evening. I will listen to the teacher carefully in the class, and remember

My Family

I have a very happy family.There are four people in my family--my parents ,my younger brother and I.My fathther is working in another city,so he is always very busy.As a famous saying goes :" There is always an able woman behind a successful man

My winter holiday I love winter and the winter holiday is coming. I think I will have a good time. First, I will finish all my holiday homework as soon as possible. Then I will go skating and skiing with my family and friends. I love those winter sports. I will

There are four people in my family,my parents,my bother and I.My family is pretty good.I'm really happy.My brother is shy and funny.He is good at sports and does well in football.My father is a doctor.He works in a hospital .He doesn't like watching

the summer vacation is coming. i will do my homework first so i am going to do my homework every morning. in the afternoon, i will play basketball and table tennis with my friends. in the evening i will read english and listen to english program.

I'm making a plan of tomorrow.In the morning,I will go to the library to read books.My favorite books are novels like harry potter.Books can make me relaxed.So I like read books .And then I will go to a park near my home.I will find much fun.In the

Above is the plan of my holiday on national Day. The fist day, I am going to shopping with my friends. The second day, i will go to sandbeach and museum which has many beatiful things. The third day, i will stay home, then swimming with friend at



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