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starry sky.

仰望星空Look Up At The Evening Stars还有其他问题需要帮助您的吗?别忘了采纳哦!O(∩_∩)O

Starr (星星的拼法后面多加一个r) 是一个真正有在使用的英文名哦,意思就是星星;Starling是另一个,两个都是男女名通用的.希望帮助到大大!

星空starry sky;starlit sky夏季的星空starry sky of summer

描写星空的英文句子有:The cloudless sky was jewelled with myriads of glittering stars,意思是无云的晴空镶嵌着无数颗闪烁的星星. 描写星空的句子其他如下: 1 On a clear night,the sky appears to be filled with stars.在晴朗的夜晚,天空中布满


.[Informal] stars; planets; satellites

Starry NightI like stars very much.Everynight,when I look up to the sky.I can see many shinning stars blink with smiles.They are so cute that make me can't stop liking them.Starlight shine on me gentlely,like fairies' magic,makes the world beautiful!

The Starry Night' was not Van Gogh's first depiction of a night sky. In Arles, he had been proud of his painting of the stars and the reflection of the lights of the town in the River Rhne, one of the first results of a plan intimated to Emile Bernard in


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