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Liuxiang made a perfect fly in the olympic games in 2004, and won not only the gold metal but also the respect in the world! His fly knocked all the suspicions and discriminations down completely! \"It is so perfect! I never expect to run so fast! Oh it

每个人心中都有一个支柱,有一个支持的偶像.我是一个追星族,我的偶像并不是 什么科学家或身边的聪明人,他只是一个歌手 一个用心用灵魂唱歌的歌手 我欣赏他在最低落时不放弃的自信,喜欢他为了歌迷可以忍受一切的坚持

There are so many stars that we like .my favourite singer is Michael jackson.Do you know Michael jackson? A pop singer with long curly black hair and sunglasses.He is very popular in the world. His fans around the world.He is good at singing and

我最喜欢的明星是易烊千玺. 他的英文名字是Jackson.他15岁了.他 是一个学生、歌手和演员.他是中国人. 他的粉丝名叫“千纸鹤”.他是射手座. 他有一个弟弟,他的名字

Yoga Lin (also known as James Lin, Chinese: 林宥嘉) is the winner of One Million Star, Season 1 (第一季超级星光大道), a popular reality TV singing competition in Taiwan. Nicknamed “Yoga”, Lin was born in Pingtung, Taiwan on July

This simple ten words, give infinite power of Chinese people, especially for I but the speech is also a kind of strong spirit to encourage, this is the slogan of the Olympic game of 2008 Pekings.The Chinese people's Olympic game to 2008 Pekings is

I like the star is GreysonChance, he comes from England, is a young and handsome young singer, GreysonChance is very hard, and some music, so it has a lot of fans love, I love him too

1.Cheng Long is a famous film star in China and in the world.He has been my favourite film star for many years.When I was a teenager ,I often saw some movies about kongfu .Gradually I began to like Cheng Long's movies,especialy I started to like


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