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introduce sb to sb 介绍某人给某人lili introduced her brother to me .莉莉向我介绍了她的哥哥.希望可以帮到你哦!

把某人或某物介绍给某人 翻译成英文:introduce someone or something to someone

用英语怎么向某人介绍某人Let me introduce my good friend, ,,,,,,, , to youHe is, from, good at.

I made a plan for the next month. First I will review the English words since there will be an exam next month. Then I'll do some houswork. My parents work hard. So I'll try to help them. Then, I'll go for a trip. I'll enjoy fresh air, do some sightseeing. It's

recommend sb do sth

一般来说用:" I will introduce A to you ",这是针对对方而言;但要介绍你自己得别人,就用:" make a brife introduction about myself ",一般结构归纳为 " introduce A to B ". 看能帮你忙不?谢谢!

●介绍某人凯恩女士,这位是我的上司佐藤先生. Ms. Kane, this is Mr. Sato, my boss.Ms. Kane, this is my boss, Mr. Sato.Ms. Kane, I would like to introduce my boss, Mr. Sato (to you).Ms. Kane, let me

I have a friend that I met in school. His name is Ming. Ming and I both like jogging. I have another friend, his name is Qiang. Qiang also likes jogging. I decided to introduced Ming to Qiang, then we will all be friends and we can jog together. Jogging

ask sb for sth向某人要某物 apply to sb for sth 向某人申请某物



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