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下雨了,我不得不带一把伞 英语怎么说

下雨了,我不得不带一把伞 It is raining, so I have to bring an umbrella.I have to bring an umbrella because it is raining.

您好翻译为It's raining, I have to carry an umbrella.希望帮助你

It is raining now, but I haven't brought an umbrella with me.

It's raining , but I don't take my umbrella with me

Going to rain tonight, so I had to take the umbrella and semantic

It is rainy now , can you give me an umbrella and go home with me ?

Don't leave your umbrella behind, for it's going to rain. Don't forget to bring your umbrella, for it's going to rain. 其他几位的答案显然都是Chinese English,记住逗号是不能断句的,在主句与从句之间用逗号衔接时,需要在从句之前加上关联词.想

I have to take an umbrella becuase it rains.

take an umbrella. it's going to rain.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)

It's rainning and i didn't take a umbrella, so my friend shared an umbrella with me home.



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