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同义句改写:1.We have beaitful sunshine.It【is sunny】. 今天我们能晒到阳光/今天是晴天.2.There is a heavy rain today.It is very 【rainy】today 今天雨下的很大/今天是大

1.Mother was busy with some housework when i got home. Mother was _busy_ doing__ some housework when i got home.2.They got up early to get to school on time. They got up early _so_ that__they _could_ get to school on time.3.He saw his father weeks ago. He _hasn't /hadn't _ _seen_his father _for_ weeks/..

1、they are poor to buy books.2 many people couldn't leave this airport because of the heavy snow3 a meeting was held to talk about holding a charity show in our class.4 i wonder how to organize a christmas party.

为你解答.1、Please give them some apples.(改为同义句) Please give some apples to them.2、I have many friends at school.(改为同义句) I have got lots of friends at school.

1、tutn left at the second turn. make the left turn at the second turn. 2、i can see cat under the tree. the cat is seen under the tree. 3、how can iget to beijing?(四句) 1.in what way can i get to beijing? 2.by which mean can i get to beijing? 3.how can i reach in beijing. 4.in what way can i arrive in beijing?

These tigers are being killed for their skin and bones.People _are ___ __killing__ these tigers for their skin and bones.Asian tigers are actually disappearing faster than

1.Shall we clean the classroom?(改成同义句) (Let's )clean the classroom,(shall )(we )? 2.I decide to catch up with the other students. I(make )(up )(my )(mind )to catch up with the other students.

in team

1 is sunny2 rainy3 is snowy4 windy5 different. clothes

How about driving to school? The teacher asks us to stop talking.


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