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谁见过我一本正经的样子 Who saw my poker-faced. 谁见过我一本正经的样子 Who saw my poker-faced.

一本正经 英文翻译如下: 1、be poker-faced 2、become serious 3、humourless 4、in all seriousness 5、in dead [sad] earnest 6、look prim and proper 7、maintain an air of complete respectability 8、put on an air of a serious manner...

About the 6th of July we heard

你好! 一本正经地 primly 英[prɪmlɪ] 美[prɪmlɪ] adv. 循规蹈矩地,整洁地; [例句]Primly advhe didn't reply, but just smiled primly. 他没回答,只是拘谨地笑了笑。

After patroling around,the teacher took out a sign in all seriousness.It read "in 15 minutes".

你好! 一本正经说瞎话 Serious nonsense


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