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now,my classmates' eyes are worse and worse.why cause it?because the computers and tvs. nowadays,computers and tvs are more and more popular.everyone has their own computers and tvs.so students are used to playing computer games and

hi. i am wrting to say something that i dont like. every day i have so much homework to do and my eyesight isn;t as good as before. three of my classmates often try to find excuses to have some sort

We all know having good eyesight is very important. We should do eye exercises every day. We shouldn't read books on the bus. We should rest our eyes and look at the green things as often as possible. We shouldn't read in bed because it is bad for our eyes. We shouldn't read in poor light.

例文Thank you for your kind mail.I have decided to stay in China to complete my colleage life.I know you and your family members are all welcome me to your country to study higher education,but I have made my mind.I believe that in China,I can also

第一篇how to protect your eyes 怎样保护你的眼睛 it is important for everyone to keep good eyesight. but do you know how to protect your eyesight? 对每个人来说,保护好视力是非常重要的.但是,你知道怎样保护你的视力吗? first, don't keep

hello,i'm writing to tell you something about eye-protection. as we know,an increasing number of students' eyesight are getting worse and worse.they take glasses so as to see thing around clearly. but how would this phenomenon happen?research

When we can see well,we do not think about our eyes often.It is only when we can not see perfectly that we come to see how important our eyes are.People who are nearsighted can only see things that are very close to their eyes.Everything else

现在很多学生视力下降Now a lot of students eyesight现在很多学生视力下降Now a lot of students eyesight

How To Protect Our EyesOur eyes is very important.We can see many beautiful things with our eyes.Without eyes the life will get dark.So we must protect our eyes.To protect our eyes,first we shouldn't read books or magazines too long.We can stop

Tourism, a smokeless industry, is developing rapidly in China. With the reform and opening up policy being carried out,thousands upon thousands of foreign visitors are crowding into our country. They are eager to see this old mysterious land with


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