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ASKING A FAVOR Could / Would you do me a favor? - Use this form to ask in general if someone will do a favor for you as a way to begin the conversation. Would you do me a favor? I need some help. Could you do me a favor? I'm la...

Could you possibly.... Would you be so kind to...... Is there any chance that I can get you to........ Could you please......

Would you like to help me? Do you mind helping me? Could you help me?

A. Excuse me, Could you help me? B. Yes. What can I do for yuou? A. I’d like to have a picture taken here. I'm a tourist. B. I'd love to. Ready? A. Yes. B. 1--2--3, say “cheese”. It's ok. A. Thank you very much. B. It’ s my ple...

Excuse me,can you help me?意思是打扰一下,你能够帮我一下吗?



与人相见说\“您好” 问人姓氏说\“贵姓” 问人住址说\“府上”仰慕已久说\“久仰” 长期未见说\“久违” 求人帮忙说\“劳驾”向人询问说\“请问” 请人协助说\“费心” 请人解答说\“请教”求人办事说\“拜托” 麻烦别人说\“打扰” 求人方便说\“借光”请改文章说\“斧...


你好! 知道怎么有礼貌的请求别人很重要 It's important to ask someone how to be polite


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