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上班 go to work start work be on duty 例:He's gone to work.他上班去了.start work at eight in the morning; 上午八点钟上班

上班 go to work 例句:I go to work every day. 我每天去上班.be at work 例句:I am at work. 我在上班.be on duty 例句:I am on duty. 我在上班.

How do you go to work every day?

When/(What time) do you go for work!

go to work去上班

My mother went to work _without having__ ___ breakfast

"上班"英文:go to word" 下班"英文:get off work 例句:1、I used to go to work on foot. 我往常都是步行去上班.2、For once, I want to get off work early. 这一次我想早一点下班.词汇解析:1、go to 英 [u tu:] 美 [o tu] v.上;赴;转到,

go to work at work 在上班

Go working with

我要去上班了I am going to work


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