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1 gave up

6. stand for 7. be able to 8. at least 9. High jumping match 20. all over the world

drives, different ,remember,red,carefully.morning,dangerous, look.wrong,second


一 1 shall 2 message 3 theater或 theatre 4 line 二 1 make it half past six 2 catch up with 3 neck and neck 4 know into 三 1. What shall we take with ourselves? 2. Shall I take a camera? 3. When and where shall we meet? 4 Let's ...

My favorite sports activity is walking. I normally spend some time to walk with my family after dinner. Most of the time, we walk in our neighbourhood or walk to the university close by. In the Summer, we walk about 30 minutes ...

一、 1, modern 现代的 2, Olympic 奥林匹克的 3, motto 箴言,格言 4, Olympics 奥林匹克运动会 5, ring 环,戒指 6, stmbol 象征,符号 7, stand 站立 8, least 最少 9, nowadays 当今


一, 1, Would you like to go to the Western Hill Park? 2, I'd love to play basketball. 3, Are you free this afternoon? 4, I'd love to 5, you like something to eat

1由点到面,构建知识网络 对所学的知识点分步地进行梳理、归纳和总结,理清知识脉络。从一个简单的语法点或一个核心句型开始延伸,理清它们的变化形式、变化规律以及与时态、语态等的关联。所谓由点到面,构建知识网络。 2由面到点,加深记忆,...


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