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1. b2. a3. b4. c5. a6. d7. c8. a9. a10. c

Jack has a brown cat.(否定回答)No,he doesn't. Lily goes to bed errly every day.(否定回答)No,she doesn't. His friend plays vollerball.(肯定回答)yes,he does. l watch TV in the evening.(否定回答)yes,you do. Mr Zhang often cheans his car.(肯定回答) yes,he does.

1. B. at that moment 2.D. will be taken care 3.B. Whether 4.C. why 5. A. can't ; must 6.C. with breathing 7. A. is larger and larger 8. C. two-fifth; have 9. C. to choose from 10. C. it's ; what(?) 11. D. more; any other 12. B. How beijing was like 13. C.


第一题,what's the matter with you表达的意思已经是发现对方有情况然后询问,可以理解为你怎么了?发生什么了?所以答案应该是C,回答我牙疼.而A选项是见面打招呼用语,how do you do?how do you do?i am fine,and you?i am fine too,

1、B . nice to meet you 回复可以说 nice to meet you ,too . 而fine thank you ,用于回答how are you2、A 3、A 名在前 姓在后4、B 可以回 I'm an electrical engineer5、B 4和5正好反了6 、A 7、B 8、B


1.can you do other things 2.My brother doesn't play soccer very well 3.I could't ride a bike tow years ago 4.What can xiaoming do? 5.Can Zhang jie sing very well? 1. I will be 5-year-old is跳芭蕾 2. I could not swim for 5 years ago 3. Wangfang is not good at flying kites 4. They are very happy to play yesterday

29.lend表示借出,borrow表示借入,所以选B30.value是价值,sum是总数31.解释原因,说解释起源太牵强..32.couple是形容情侣的33.很难对我的家人保守秘密34.worse的反义词当然是better了35.只能选B或者D,由garage可知,选B36.B是固定用法37.将来时态 展开 作业帮用户 2017-09-14 举报

1.B要知道it's+adj. for sb和it's+adj.of sb的区别2.A caught up with是追上、赶上3.A


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