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手工翻译如下 The school holds two reading knownowledge competition every/each term.

开展相关知识竞赛 To carry out the relevant knowledge contest 望楼主一定一定的要采纳哦~~

趣味知识竞赛用英语怎么说 趣味知识竞赛 用英语是:Interesting knowledge contest contest意思是竞赛 knowledge意思是知识

The third session of the college science students in Zhejiang Province Humanities knowledge contest.

National English Contest for College Students(简称NECCS)

(1)Classic national Habitat Design Competition (2)The classic design competition of national habitat (3)National Habitat classic program contest

英文原文: I'm looking forward to learn a lot from the racing game 英式音标: [aɪm] [ˈlʊkɪŋ] [ˈfɔːwəd] [tə; before a vowel; tʊ; stressed; tuː] [lɜːn] [ə...

I obtained the grade 9 certificate of the music association of china and grade 1 in the physical contest in 2009 请作为参考


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