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But my childhood didn't give me a good impression. I had to go to school quite early, and the only thing to do after school was to do my home work. My parents were strict with me. They usually didn't allow me to watch TV. I could only get a little relaxed

这是德文. 先说了,我不会德文,绝无欺骗/忽悠你的意图! 这是用谷歌从德文翻译成英文,我再自己把英文翻译为中文的,所以很可能跟原意有着出入,只是觉得还可以理解,所以给你看看. 据我所知,谷歌的德文<->英文翻译还不会错的太

毕竟是随笔,意译的多To a leaf 叶子You're swaying in your perch,你在那树端高处摇曳 nearly falling down,with subtle wind.几乎要随悄然微风飘荡而落Longing to tell the sincerest words,渴望着要诉出我最真挚的话语but words itself seem to be

Seriously impairs student's healthy in mind and body, has disruptedthe person life the life rhythm Experiences the college entrance examination person possiblyalso to have a vivid memory to "the college entrance examinationpain". Originally the

haha.good on you,typing the whole thing inlet me try,only the key pts,i'm slow in typing chinese可冲洗掉的7日磨砂乳由皮肤专家研制磨掉硬皮和色斑,帮助减少细纹的出现

The living room sometimes also calls living room. The living room is one of the home life movable district, having various function, it since is a whole family activity, amuse, recreation, have a reunion, meal etc. movable place is the social intercourse


I want you to know that in this world there will have a person waiting for you forever .Whenever,regardless of you in any place,you knew in any case there will have this kind of person waiting for you.

In outside, It`s heavy rain, also thunderclap follows. That makes me scard, and miss you involuntarily. You are always encourage me in brave and independence, however, I don`t. I fear if we were separate in the storm. as the result, everything of which

Everybody is good, today is our group communicate with everybody about "celebrity" topic. First of all, I want to say this is not a performances, not a used to kill time task, this is a together, let


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