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it's my honor to join the interview, and I am eager for the directions of you distinguished teachers! first of all, I'd like to have a brief self-introduction. my name is xx, 24years of age, from hunan yueyang. I graduated from chang sha medical college,

Interviewer: good afternoon, everyone is honored to have the opportunity to participate in this interview. My name is XXX, chaozhou, guangdong province, from 21, guangzhou huangpu wen ship technical school, my major was electrical integration,

Let me introduce myself . my name is Rony . I'm from Shanghai in China.I have been studied for 5 years in Korea . At first I can't understand Korean,then i was awful.The pressure made me learn Korean at full split .I listened to the news and imitate

this product is designed inspired by the chinese poet yang wanli song written --- "pond" in the asymmetric shape design, look for a symmetry of the united states, while incorporating traditional chinese culture, respect and understanding china

Hi, everyone. My name is XX, my height is 175cm and my weight is 60KG. I am from XX. I love football and swimming. Now I am studying at the Air Crew Institute of China Civil Aviation Flight University. Thank you.

Oil and gas drilling technology (junior) researh material 99 your resumeGraduates and self assessmentI am cheerful, sedate, energetic, fervent, sincere to others. Works is responsible earnestly, proactive, can bear hardships and stand hard work.

I'am an optimistic and confident girl, classmates all consider me as a talented girl, but i think this is due to my parents, with their upbringing and painstaking car

Sir: morning!everyone! I'm so glad to stand here to introduce myself to you ,it makes me feel happy that I can learn from all of directors! My name is Lijie ,18-year-old boy.who comes from a branch of a Human professional university .During the term

Fellow teachers, my name is XXX, graduated from zhengzhou university, henan province, is located in southeastern situated in henan province XXX HuangHuai plain hinterland, is a typical plain generation is agriculture area, fathers burial and fuxi

My name is XX, from Baoji, Shaanxi. Attend the communication of Wuhan of Hubei and command institute's information engineering speciality, (relevant speciality course of the systematic study electronic engineering in a few years' study and life,



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