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叫醒某人 用英语怎么说

Waking Someone Up Ann:Hey, Jim, it’s time to wake up? and get out of bed. Jim:Do I have to get up now? Ann:You’d better get up, or you’ll be late. Jim:What are you talking about? My alarm hasn’t even gone off yet. Ann:Yes,...

叫醒在宾馆里一般都说:morning call 例如: I'd like have a morning call for my flight tomorrow morning, at 6 o'clock. 我明天要赶飞机,想要一个早晨6点的叫醒服务。

Awakens some person

Wake someone

wake sb. up

wake up 是主动语态 可以说wake up sb/wake sb up be waken up 是被动语态,也就是被叫醒,可以说sb be waken up

wake up

Remember to wake me up. 或Don't forget to wake me up.

酒店叫醒服务是Wake-up Service, 通常只要客人定叫醒,酒店客服部门就会受理,因此任何时间段都可能发生。 服务人员叫醒客人时通常会说:“Good morning/afternoon/evening, Mr/Miss/Mrs. (last name), this is your wake up service at (客人定...

1. wake him up 2. pull him back from dream 把他从梦中拉回 3. pull him back to reality 把他拉回现实 有点夸张呵呵..


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