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We are planned to finish the inspection by tomorrow. So what would you prefer for the delivery? And which address would you prefer? Also who would you prefer us to contact with? Please let us know. Thank you very much.

The total amounts are 3000PCS as order,we are sorry to inform you that our QC made mistakes on amounts dues to hurry,and 2940pcs have passed the inspection,but the rest has been delivery directly without inspection。

Unitl 11st, two colors of IPcase will be finished and you can arrange for inspection, if there is any problem, we will inform you in advance.

Next time if you besides the goods on the day of inspection, in our warehouse inventory to out, could you inform us in advance?? Due to our shipment,, should be 1 day in advance to make customs declaration data. Because we want...

I am so glad to be your friend through the facebook.I really feel happy for you and good luck to you and your wife in the new year. In this new year , I hope my parents keep healty and I get along well with my boyfriend . Moreo...

5 will you 四 1 shouldn't play with 2 Please don't touch 3 give up 4 not be late for school 5 Keep trying, memorize thingseven better.

绍特泼菲克骰118(美国经典皮夹克)。带有明星茱莉雅 Strain 签名的重金属FAKK2促销皮夹克。还有凯文Eastman和西蒙Bisley签名的皮夹克。衣服背面的标识是刺绣的。尺码是42. 衣服的品相非常好。我已经把它列为中级品,但是在小的那面有一个小口子...

第一竖行都是名字, 第二竖行:音乐类型,舞曲,爵士,摇滚和舞曲,乡村音乐。 第三竖行:原因,享受跳舞,觉得很酷,有趣,放松。

1. Through the above examples, we can see that the animal idioms in the Chinese culture and English culture connotation is different, not whole equivalence, some can find counterpart, some meaning vary wildly, can be roughly cl...



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