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Now I will introduce a city to you:Chongqing. Perhaps the most direct impression of the city is that it is the one of four municipalities in China. However, besides the impression, the city also boasts a big surprise. Now I wil...

People live on earth, we should respect nature, care for nature ,For the human nature living conditions and provide the space 。Nature is good to yourself

i m the courier, i need your address

楼上你的翻译软件不太好 漏洞百出 不要误人子弟了

呃。。。第一行应该是 U effect actions in the game...吧。。。 在游戏中你通过游戏币来执行动作,游戏币是什么呢?就是你可以直接操作得那个东西,比如,在一个boardgame(大概是管理类游戏吧)中,游戏币就是你的零件,在cardgame(纸牌类)...

Due to the change of delivery address at the time of payment .i can only use EBAY to pay the money for the goods .26.99usd of transportation charges can't be paid. i have paid 199.99usb.please give a transportation charges bill...

Room 303, Unit 1, No.18 Building, No.333 Fumin Middle Road, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, P.R.China

I am now in China. Please send it to my company's address in Los Angeles. My colleague will receive and sign on behalf of me. Please also provide me with the serial number/tracking number of the parcel. Thank you!

Article 3 the party a shall submit the relevant information, documents and time Construction drawing design phase: provide the main architecture construction drawing a set, the main architecture structure construction drawing a...

HI, as I have the record of ignore the bidding, so I can't buy your product anymore. But now I want to buy the mailbag, can you just revise the system so I can finish the deal? Thanks.


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