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(同楼上一样,因为我一看其他答案就知道一些毫无语法的人写的) 标准解答: 1.Is your answer right? 2.Have you got the right answer? /Did you get the right answer 其中right 和 correct 可以互换

accounting is a highly professional occupation

you can download an app/ a software for translation 手机软件用app application应用程序的缩写 电脑软件用software

one of these papers was indexed by SCI

English is widely spoken today. 或者,Many people around the world speak English

In the past few years,he got nothing done but played computer games. 如改作: In the past few years,he got nothing to do but play computer games. or In the past few years,he has done nothing tbut playied computer games. 可能...

There are three people in my family,they're my father,my mother and me.My father is a doctor in the hospital,and my mother works as a nurse in the same hospital.They're very busy.We often go out to have a picnic or a trip.In th...

我很抱歉无法向您提供你所要求的银行证明。由于中英两国制度的不同(只有经营者才能提供银行对账单),所以我的家庭是不被允许提供你所要求的银行证明。 I am really sorry for not able to support the required bank certificate. Because of ...

today, i have some riddles for you. 这个比较口语,一般会用在班级的presentation上面

you will meat someone who is the same as you.


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