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because i love you 张智成

rihanna蕾哈娜的 《rehab》 歌词如下: baby babywhen we first met i never felt something so strongyou were like my lover and my best friendall wrapped in one with a ribbon on itand all of a sudden you went and lefti didn't know how to followit's like

歌名I Am The Highway歌手Audioslave 下载 http://cdn1-04.projectplaylist.com/e1/static10/349/1636919.mp3

呵呵,我也很喜欢这首歌的.这是taylor swift 的《 love story》下面是中英文歌词对照taylor swift-《love story》 we were both young when i first saw you 当我第一次看见你的时候,我们都还年轻 i close my eyes and the flashback starts 我闭上眼睛

歌曲的名字叫《La isla bonita》歌词如下Last night I dreamt of San PedroJust like I'd never gone, I knew the songA young girl with eyes like the desertIt all seems like yesterday, not far awayChorusTropical the island breezeAll of nature, wild and

LS的,你太想当然了吧?LZ说的是hey lady,你的第一句是HEY JUDE..

歌名:Love歌手:Solid Base[沙力宝贝组合]类型:说唱舞曲产地:瑞典歌词:I don't wanna spend my nights alone, away from you.我不想孤独的过夜,远离你'Cause I miss you baby, and I need to be sure you know.因为我想念你宝贝,我需要确

有几首 《STAN》shady和Dido合唱版 《I saw you walking in the rain>

May i love you?

Everybody-Ingrid Michaelson 歌名:Everybody歌手:Ingrid Michaelson We have fallen down again tonightIn this world it's hard to get it right Trying to make your heart fit like a glove What it needs is love, love, loveEverybody, everybody wants to love


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