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我的梦想 我是一个平凡的人,我有一个平凡的梦想:做一名医生. 因为医生可以让那些身受病痛折磨的人摆脱痛苦.可以让人变得健康. 同时,我认为,帮助了别人,自己也将会得到快乐.所以,我希望未来我可以做一个医生. my dream i

I want to be a teacher when i grow up.Beacuse teacher can stay with children every day ,i think children are very lovely and clever,and i can teach them many things.And i can tell them how to be a man .I will get on well with my class,then they will love

My Dream Everyone has a dream. Now I'll talk about my dream i What is my dream? I often ask myself. When I was a little boy, I wanted to be a soldier with a gun so that I could defend our motherland. Now I am a young boy with a new dreamto

My dream is to be a teacher,because i like to be with young people I'm working hard now so that my dream will come true in the future .i used to be a naughty student .with my teacher's help,i have changed a lot which leads my dream of being a

my dream everyone has a dream. now i'll talk about my dream i what is my dream? i often ask myself. when i was a little boy, i wanted to be a soldier with a gun so that i could defend our motherland. now i am a young boy with a new dreamto be

Different people have different dreams. What's your dream? Are you dreaming of being a doctor, an artist or a writer? My dream is to be a doctor. In my mind, most of the doctors are of strong wil and

Last night,I had an interesting dream.In the dream I accidentally got a magic pen with which I could write beautiful characters.Then I join in a competition.With the pen I got the


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