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Hello! In view of our personnel changes, A's work is now fully inherited by the B, the future of all matters of cooperation, please contact B. I look forward to working with you in the future have more cooperation in consultati...

工作交接Work handover 工作交接 Work handover 工作交接 Work handover

My name is XX. It's my great honour to enter department AA/BB, i'll be taking over what DD does in the past, so, from next week onward, if there is any question about project EE, please fell free to contect me, I'll be pleased ...

Have a smooth transition

1.take-over list 2.take_over 3.take_over 4.superviser

When he and I work handover, there have been some mistake

1、第一先把自己工作内容每项想好,先建立框架,一项一项的列出来 2、然后按照每项工作填充内容明细,最好图文结合,注意事项什么的都写上。 3、把所有工作内容写完之后检查是否有遗漏,确保没有问题 4、写好之后给交接人和相关人员及领导发邮件...

与另外一个同事进行工作交接 翻译是: Hand over with another colleague

翻译如下 距离你离开公司还有一周的时间,请检查相关工作交接的进度 It's still a week before you leave the company. Please check the progress of handover.


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