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放学后我要么打篮球,要么在图书馆看书 After school I either play basketball or read books in the library

I often play basketball or go to library read books after school. In the evening,I do my homework and review books.

we begin our class at 8 o'clock. After school every day, I play basketball or football with classmates. Besides, I often do the reading and surfing on the Internetlisten

翻译成英文:After school I or basketball or football.

Hello,everyone! My name is I'm 17 years old. I come from a very beautiful city,I am outgoing. I'm always ready to help others. My favourite subject is Englsih, so I am good at it. I like sports very much. I often play table tennis with my friends after

Lily may either goes home or goes to the library after school.

Hubin is a student who is in Class 1, Grade 7. His life in school is very interesting. His class starts in the morning and there is 6 classes every day. He likes English, maths, art and so on, but English is his favorite. At the same time, he also likes PE

My school life Hello! My name is Tom , I'm a student of NO.7 Middle school , I like my school , because my school life is very interesting. I like my classmates and teachers. They are very friendly. Classes begin at 8:00. I have four classes in the

I think my school life so far it has been fun. I meet a lot of new friends that I never met before at my school. I love to have and meet new friends each semester. I think it's really fun

After school every day, first I do my homework and review my lessons. I think our teacher often give me an interesting homewoek. But sometimes I find it is difficult for me to finish it. Then I like to read a newspaper or listen to some music. It is a very


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