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Without autumn, the dediduous won't exist.

I learned a lesson, that is, never let your friends down. let sb down 让某人失望 求采纳

I think I need the hug from you. I think I need your hug. I think I need you to hug me. 上面几种用法都可以表达我想我需要你的怀抱的意思。 保证正确哦,希望能帮到你。Thank you and Happy New Year!

前肢,如果是像哺乳动物这种四肢都可以用“腿”来称呼的,就跟“前腿”一样,用front leg或者foreleg就行。 如果是像鸟类这种有特化结构的,就用forelimb。 后腿就是hind leg/hindlimb。

But a temporary thing, can't go

您好,这句话用英语有很多类似的说法,给您一个简单的: how are you recently? 中文谐音: 好啊U 锐森特里 (这里U是按照英文字母U来发音,中文字的发音都不准) 满意就采纳吧。

With a smile, there is nothing you can't get through. 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

Sorry! The subscriber you dialed is busy now, please redial later. 希望采纳

Seafood surface 其他seafood noodles Seafood Chow Mein spaghetti alla pescatore 满意请采纳

D就是Doctor. P就是Patient.D:Hello! Sir! How are you doing today?P:Pretty good. Thank you very much.D: Is there anything I can do for you, sir?P:Yes, I have a fever. Could you please help me?D:Sure. Let me check your body temper...


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