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1 Do you prefer tea or coffee? 2 There is a sign saying "No Smoking". 3 The National Day is on Oct. 1st each year. 4 The Chinese Spring Festival is the most festive holiday. 5 You will soon get used to the life here.

这是when,while的句型语法(过去完成时兼过去式) when+did,was/were doing. while+was/were doing,did. 简单的说就是when的后面用过去式,while的后面用过去进行时。但是非过去式或过去进行时的时候,以上两种用法均不存在。that为连词 后面加...

To make a birthday card, you can simply cut out some funny or pretty pictures from magazines, paste them onto a piece of card and then write your message inside. 如果你想要制作一个生日贺卡,你可以简单的从杂志上裁剪出一些有趣的...



6 As young adults, it is our duty to try our best to deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our teacher. 作为年轻人,在老师的帮助下,我们有责任尽我们最大的努力来应对每个在我们教育上的挑战. 8 因为电脑是每个办...

A本周农业官员说,为防止红火蚁肆虐全国,正在采取严格的控制。 省略which are

6. We have a beautiful playground and there are a lot of trees around it. 7. I love my school, because it is like a big family.


What is the women doing? she is typing letters. 我英语很好的。相信我!


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