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1 )a (large) number of / (large) numbers of + 可数名词复数 A number of birds have flown to the south. 许多的鸟已经飞去南方. Large numbers of visitors are from all over the world. 很多旅游者都是来自世界各地. 2)a large/huge amount of / large

1. Assets business 2. Liabilities Business 3. Collection and payment The Problems and Countermeasures of Intermediary Business of Commercial Banks in China

give up 放弃give away 赠送give in 让步,交给give out 分发give over 停止give sth.back 把某物还给某人give sth.off 流出,散发,发出give-and-take 互相谦让give-away 泄露秘密的话,表情或物品


【词组】是两个或更多【单词】的组合.apple是单词,an apple或者a red apple就是词组了.

1:make a wise decision 2:makeattract reader 3:suffer from 4:be helpful to solve problems 5:help/makekeep balance 6:in a well organized manner/way 7:get used to the new life 8;pay attention to 9:be respectful for sb 或者直接respect sb 或者respect for sb 10:fall in love with 2::makeattract readers(应该为复数,因为不知一个读者)

短语多属动词短语(verbal phrase) 例如get 这个动词配了不同的介词就有get in, get on/off, get over, get through, get by 等各自意思不同词组是连在一起有特别用法的句型, 如 so+形容词+that,as as 等

the same as 和……一样例如:My shoes are the same as yours.我的鞋和你的一样. look the same 看起来一样例如:The two boxes look the same .那两个箱子看起来一样. look like 看起来像例如:He looks like his

1)一点英语 a little English2)参加可用attend sth,take part in sth,participate in sth,用join in 也可但多用于加入某组织团体等.3)戴眼镜用wear glasses.4)在同一间房子里用 in the same room.5)告诉某人有关某事用 tell sb sth 或tell sth to sb.给我加分奥!

根据语境推测,look after有照顾之意,更符合后半句的意思.weak在这里做名词 意指弱者.crush有破裂的意思.结合起来意译就是 伤害弱者


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