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(1)Hi, everyone.I'm your teacher and I'm so pleased in this class,let's work hard on our shcool work.It's the time for you to introduction yourself.(2) I felt is so few students in our class, OK, it's time to roll.(3)Why do you have two names, which one do you

Hey, Yan Shouyi, help me with the teacher to say, I went to the Arab-Israeli play. The teacher often named Ah do not bother you, and I to go to the toilet, you remember ah I am not back Do you know what school you come to me, fast OK, for today it, school Go

I looked at "World which couple days ago a South Korean soap opera They Live", I am profound to a plot impression, an actress he the side has various men, he casual left them, not any being reluctant to part with. But one day of her mother to die,

food safety announcement We, as the producer, hereby announce that the level of toxic substances contained in the above products complies with correspondi

I am sorry that I did not see this message, a quote to have kept you waiting. A result of the global copper prices soared there on Monday for nearly two months, so this changes a little hand-sample price. In addition, when more of the product to be

More wonderful tomorrowLife is more difficult, difficult to beat. The cradle of success.Just believe, more brilliant tomorrow.Life is like a dream, want to fly farther.The vast sky, is my dream home.Ah! Why is life so bitter frustration, let me lose direction,

Abstract: The network of buzzwords, the name suggests is a popular language on the network , netizens conventional expression . With the development of the times and advances in technology , the Internet catchphrase emerged. As a special

Here is the country's largest manufacturing base for the entire steel fibers. Do for you -- 1 3600 tons hydraulic press machine upsetting the entire fiber extrusion locomotive, marine, mining machinery steel crankshaft 2 locomotive, marine, mining

奖赏分太低了.为你花时间提供正确译文,而不是靠机译糊弄你.请务必加分:1. product QC inspection report (QC certificate) 2 basis for inspection3. receiver4. inspected items 5. standard requirements6. actual test results 7. colourless liquid 8.

一齿轮锻件完成后,热处理及前加工齿轮的牙齿.硬度,以确定在四个据点,同样间隔周围的圆周表面如牙齿也将随之减少.如成品直径的齿部分超过250 ,因此,上述多项试验的立场是要增加至8个.那里的宽度齿轮轮辋锻造超过1.25米,硬度,以确定在8个岗位,每个月底锻造. 二日在谨慎的这个社团硬度测试,可能需要在以下方面:结果硬度测试,是由报,以供参考,典型的布氏硬度值是由于在表2.1.82 .


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