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I feel highly honoured by your approved . 我得到您的肯定,感到十分荣幸. It's a great pleasure for me to gained the recognition of you 对于您对我的肯定,我感到十分荣幸

这样说 This confirms me. This is a confirmation for me.

大家翻译的怎么都这么直白啊,confirmation这样的词是指对东西认领或确定意见事情的时候用的。 对人的确信,和对事物的确认是不一样的。 I know you have faith in me for giving me this opportunity.

“这是我的裤子”英文:These are my pants. 裤子是复数形式,要用this is的复数:these are。 重点词汇: 1、these 英 [ði:z] 美 [ðiz] adj.这些的 pron.这些 These are my children. 这些都是我的孩子。 2、pants 英 [pænts] n....

Thank you so much for all the support that you have been giving me . Thank you so much for the on-going support I have been getting from all of you. 【英语牛人团】

IT'S MY FAULT。 fault 还有错误的意思,也可以说是 这是我的错。 相关句子 Oh, my fault for the mistake. 哦,这次失误是我的错。 An error, especially in the delivery of lines, as by an actor or announcer. 失误尤指如演员或报幕员的台...

It's my honor. 这是我的荣幸。不过语气很重,对大人物才这么说,有些感恩戴德的意思。It's my pleasure. 很高兴能为您服务(能帮上忙……)。比较平等。

这里的“动力”,实际上不是“动机motivation”,也不是“动力,能量power”,应该用“Impetus推动作用”,英语经常用这个来表达。 Your support is the greatest impetus for us.

因为这是我的成果,是我付出努力后得到的成果。 Because this is my achievement, which came from my effort.

这本书是我的,用英语说成This book is mine. 物主代词是表示所有关系的代词,也可称为代词属格。它分为形容词性物主代词和名词性物主代词两种。 名词性物主代词,有mine、yours、his、hers、its、ours、yours、theirs,除了mine之外,名词性物...


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