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"或许 我们只能到这一步" 翻译成英文怎么说?大神...

It's surprised that we have reached to this ending. Unfortunately your prediction is right.

迈出这一步,我就会成功 Once you have stepped ouf of this,you'll surely be a success.

What am I going to do next after going this far?走到这一步我该怎么办

应该用虚拟语气,要用thought和would,而不是think和will When I set off, I thought I would come back

这个怎么说呢,恋爱的两个人其实保质期不是永久的,记得谢霆锋说过一句话,爱情分5部,激情,爱情,亲情,友情,感情才是爱情 首先你会和他有激情的一段时间 其次会进入正常的爱情期 等过了一段时间一直生活在一起彼此都进入了对方的生活,习惯...


what can happen between us if you can even get cold feet with public notice? get cold feet 害怕 public notice 告白 俚语用法

In the solvent extraction industrial process在溶剂萃取的整个工艺流程中 remove solvent residue脱除溶剂残留


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