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the first day

第一天用英语说为"The first day" 从儿童进学校的第一天起,就要善于看到并不断巩固和发展他们身上所有好的东西。 对所有创业者来说,永远告诉自己一句话:从创业得第一天起,你每天要面对的是困难和失败,而不是成功。困难不是不能躲避,但不能...

the first day, the second day, the third day, the fourth day , the fifth day, the sixth day, the seventh day, the eighth day

The first day

the first day

The first tough day The first day is so tough,…………

first day of the new term first day of the new semester

第一是 the 1st: The first day with her, we had a great sex. 第二是 the 2nd: The 2nd day, we had sex again. 第三是:the 3rd: The 3rd day, her period came so I couldn't do it

On the first day of my school, I was timidated. The whole different environment, different classmates and different teachers. My mom kept telling me it's ok but it didn't give any improvement. Stepping into the school gate, I f...


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